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06 March 2019Doctor, what is wrong with me? Art and Diagnosis
10 April 2019Zaha Hadid – Architectural Superstar
01 May 2019From Garbo to Garland – the Magical art of Hollywood
05 June 201920th Century Glass - New Markets

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Doctor, what is wrong with me? Art and Diagnosis James Grant Wednesday 06 March 2019

As a retired country doctor with a lifetime of working in the NHS both in hospital and in rural practice James is passionate about all aspects of medicine, its history and its relationship to art and artists. He feels very strongly that lecturing should be stimulating, informative and entertaining. He has been very privileged to be able to share his interests with others lecturing to a variety of different groups and now as a lecturer for The Arts Society.

“What is wrong with me?” is perhaps one of the most common questions put to any physician. The ability of doctors to respond meaningfully has progressed in the last two thousand years from mythology, Galen’s four humors and blood letting to endoscopy and MRI scans. This talk illustrates how artists as varied as Ghirlandio, Holbein and Barbara Hepworth have depicted this diagnostic journey. Through their ability to record faithfully many different pathologies in their art they allow the modern observer to understand better a complex process that we now take for granted.